Delpack are the professional manufacturer of dishwashing tablets and laundry pods in Asia

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of dishwashing, laundry and other household cleaning products


Since opening our first factory in 2010, Delpack has grown to be the professional laundry pods and dishwashing tablets OEM manufacturer in Asia. Our major production facility in Yuyao China.


Our team consists of Chemical Engineering and Science graduates from both Australia and China.


We are committed to identifying and implementing environmentally sustainable practices in the manufacturing processes we deliver.

Our Story

Delpack are the professional dishwashing tablet and laundry pod manufacturer in Asia. We work with large to small clients, including major supermarket chains worldwide. From our manufacturing capabilities, through to the people we employ, we take pride in achieving and maintaining consistently high standards of quality. Our systems are strictly enforced.

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Our Product Range

Liquid Laundry Pods

Delpack are experts in the creation of liquid laundry pods, we commonly make pod sized between 4 to 25 grams. We offer a range of colour options and can meet your international wash test standards. Laundry pods are quickly overtaking traditional powder and liquids as people’s laundry product of choice, they are convenient (with no measuring required) and dissolve easily. Talk to us today about what we can make for you.


Dishwashing Solutions

Delpack makes auto dishwashing tablets. Our tablets typically come in 18-20 gram sizes (we also do a 10 gram product) We can meet your IKW test requirements and follow strict quality control measures.

We have the ability to design products to your specifications, contact us to find out what we can do for you.


Other Household Cleaning

Delpack also produces the following:

  • Laundry powder pods
  • Laundry machine cleaning pods
  • General surface sprays
  • Moisture absorbers
  • Floor cleaners... and more.

Our products are accredited under the following

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QS Certificate

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SGS Certification

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ISO9001:2015 Certificate