Delpack are professional laundry pod and dishwashing tab manufacturers

Delpack are the professional laundry pod and dishwashing tablet  manufacturer in Asia - operating since 2010.    We work with large to small clients, including major supermarket chains worldwide. 

We take pride in achieving and maintaining consistency high standards of quality. Our systems are strictly enforced.   
At our factory in Yuyao, China, we continue to enhance our capabilities by sourcing the best manufacturing technologies available from both China and internationally. Our team consists of Chemical Engineering and Science graduates from both Australia and China.

We are committed to identifying and implementing environmentally sustainable practices in the manufacturing processes we deliver.


Firstly get in contact with us to discuss possibilities.


We can then arrange for samples to be made and a factory tour if necessary.

Our Certifications

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QS Certificate

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SGS Certification

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ISO9001:2015 Certificate

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